Our Work

The entire project focuses on Native Americans and Native American descendants,
though not excluding anyone who may need our help. The idea is to use Native American
philosophy, traditions, Our Elders, Our Ways, to open identity and self-awareness in
a spiritual principle environment so as to promote the re-integration of the Native
individuals to their homelands and to the non-Indian society. Taking special care to be
culturally sensitive to the Native needs by focusing on a spiritual foundation
(defined by the individual, we merely encourage a Faith, or Belief concept to the
individual. We are non-religious, we are areligious, non dogmatic, a non-defined fellowship
forum-we promote dialogue about spiritual thought.) We are utilizing the 12-step program’s
belief in a spiritual process to address a spiritual bankruptcy/spiritual illness.
To give purpose and direction based on a Native perspective of the Native community,
the non-native community, rural and urban; to offer a clean and stable transition home to
those we serve.

8-Point Star

  1. Based on a 12 step recovery program with in-house manager,
    the actual 12-step program is independent and run totally
    separate, yet it is about keeping the individual in the
    support system, but making them individually responsible
    to their recovery.
  2. Must work and earn income
  3. Skill/education development
  4. Healthy diet
  5. Chores
  6. Physical activity/sport/hobby i.e. yoga
  7. Mentorship (not a sponsor, a real world/ community
    re-integration guide)
  8. Volunteerism-giving back to community i.e. Elders,
    orphans, Community clean-up

4 directions of creative development:

  1. Art
  2. Music
  3. Gastronomy/ Culinary Arts
  4. Literature